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Realising a niche in the market for a luxury New Zealand made item, Sue Wickison and her son Nick have combined skills to establish the company called 'PIQUE' to develop the range of scarves showcasing the country’s iconic silver fern. Our range is wholly designed and made in New Zealand with a passion for quality and a desire to strive for excellence.

Sue Wickison, one of the co-founders of Pique, is a world renowned botanical artist having exhibited at major shows and independently around the globe.

It is Sue's original work that is the basis for the fern design, as well as the driving force behind Pique.
Sue calls Wellington home, with a passion for animals, plants, fashion and avoiding the cold (very hard in Wellington!).

In conjunction with Interweave’s textile design skills, a jacquard fabric was developed using the original hand drawn fern designs. Sue also worked closely with friend and Designer Denise Durkin who converted the hand drawn fern to a repeat pattern that created the overall design for the scarf.”

Please visit suewickison.com website for more botanical art by Sue Wickison.

Nick Barraclough, the other co-founder of Pique, brings his years of marketing and digital experience to the social marketing and online strategy for Pique.

Now residing in Sydney, Nick has a passion for fashion, plants, sports, cold weather (any excuse to wear his scarf), and proudly waves the Kiwi & Pique flag in Australia.

Pique scarves were inspired by the by New Zealand’s iconic national motif – the Silver fern, and many colours of New Zealand unspoilt beauty, from the majestic mountains, through ancient forests to the deep fjords, tranquil lakes and the impressive coastlines.

Our thanks go to the fantastic crew who made Pique video and still photographs possible.

Please visit Acknowlegements page to view 'behind the scenes' photos.

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