Wool Scarves

Silver Fern Collection

Woven and designed in NZ by renowned botanical artist Sue Wickison, this luxury jacquard scarf is inspired by the iconic silver fern. Choose from an array of colours to style this adaptable scarf into your lifestyle. PIQUE believe in using only the best quality materials and finishes to produce the finest in luxury, New Zealand design.

Aqua Scarf

The AQUA of this scarf reflects the transparent aqua colour as the waves turn over and break close to the beach revealing the inner wave. It is also reminiscent of the pure icy colour in the great glaciers and mountain lakes of the High Country in New Zealand.

  • Hand drawn fern designs by Sue Wickison
  • 100% wool
  • Size: 45 x 180cm
  • New Zealand made
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Price:160.00 NZD
Inspired by New Zealand’s iconic Silver Fern, this classic Jacquard woven scarf has soft, luxurious finish. It's versatile for any styling and perfect for travel. With precise hand finished hems the scarf is packaged to create an attractive gift to put a smile on anyone’s face.
Enjoy the warmth of giving.

Wool Care Instructions

WOOL fabric has been successfully used and relied upon through the centuries. This excellent natural fibre is renewable and a fully sustainable resource with many benefits over man made fabrics. It is also biodegradable. Moisture and temperature management properties of wool, naturally helps to regulate body heat. Wool has a unique breathability and can also absorb and release moisture from the fibres which helps prevent the skin from becoming clammy and is far more pleasant to wear. The pure wool, that Pique uses is sourced and spun in both New Zealand and Australia.
Easy Care. Cool or luke warm hand wash and dry flat. Quick steam iron to remove any creases from the scarf.

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